Monday, March 11, 2013


SPRING has begun making an apperance this week in the valley, and I couldn't be happier.

I am spring's number one fan.  For real.  If there were Spring Fan Club t-shirts, I would have them.  One in every colour.  Ask my husband.  I, like the thing that have been hiding under the snow all winter long, come ALIVE in the spring. 


So, the subtle signs of the arrival of spring have been cause for celebration.

BBQing without a coat on!  Playing in the puddles!  Hanging out in the sunroom again! Cleaning up the front porch...even SITTING on the front porch for a few minutes today. 

This is exciting people, I'm excited.

(With some cute three year old thrown in for good measure.)

Tonight, it rains.  By tomorrow morning, the river will be raging, living up to it's name, and the snow left on the ground will be way way less; whereas I will be one step closer to not wearing socks, and putting the screens in the windows, and getting my fingers in the dirt, and soaking up the sunshine; which is all one step closer to swimming in the pond, and fresh tomatos off the vine, and drinking beer on the porch.

I do not begrudge a single day of this winter.  I have enjoyed winter more this year than I have any year in the past.  But holy hell am I ready for this next step.

Bring on the spring!!

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