Welcome to our new home! I'm Jenn - wife, mother, laundry queen, soap lady, and the keeper of this here happy place. This is a new place for us. After blogging for 6 years in our old home, we are starting a new book in our life. My husband Steve and I spent 7 years On The Roof in a little blue house that we called home. We were married there in our own living room. We brought our first son home from the hospital to the Blue House. With our second son there was no need to bring anyone anywhere - he was born right there, on one of the best days of my life. At some point in our tenure there, I started making soap, and From the Blue House {With Love} was born.

However, the time has come along to move on from the (literal) blue house and off "the roof," and into a valley just north of where we started our little lives together. So we thought it best to close the old chapter and start anew. (Plus I was at 76% of my storage capacity!) My dream for this place is for it to be a place where friends, family, and soap lovers can come together to know more about us - the little family behind the blog, and behind the business that I hope will continue to grow. We can wax poetic about soap scents, and the merits of epsom salts, at the same time as I blather on about the never-ending laundry, the most recent antics of my beautiful children, and the wonderful community in which we are about to make our home.

We hope you'll hang around!

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