Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bedtime Snuggles

For the past few nights, Corben hasn't been interested in his bed. I think he's figured out that the living room is where it's at, mostly because it's where mama is at, after Mama is done snuggling...but Corben is not. So he creeps quietly down the stairs, hoping I don't notice him (which is practically impossible) and quietly snuggles in. 

I love it, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  And I want to remember these moments, so I write about them. That is all. 

(And Corben is right, his bed sucks. Poor kid.)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Just a minute.

Corben came to me this afternoon, while I was in conversation with other adults. He had a complaint, about some other kids (one of whom was his brother,) who didn't want to share toys with him. Mid conversation, I had my attention elsewhere and didn't answer him right away. 

"Mom" he tugged on my shirt a few minutes later. 


"Mom, can you give me some advice, like you usually do."

Whoa, that got my attention. This kid isn't coming to me to bother me in the midst of my conversation, he's coming for a bit of guidance. A bit of helpful, loving, grown-up words of wisdom.

And that I am totally happy to give. 

Sometimes I feel like my kids need all of me, every minute. And there are times that they certainly do. But most if the time, especially as they get older and more independent, there is less of that. Usually, they only need a minute.