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December 30th, 2013
So many Conversations with Corben that I haven't shared this week, but this one made me laugh the hardest.

As we were getting ready for (fancy) dinner on Boxing Day:

"Mom, you're wearing a SKIRT??!! Well you don't see THAT every day!!"
December 15th, 2013
Mother: "If you kids want to fight, go outside."
Child 1: "We're not fighting."
Child 2: "Yes we are!"
Child 1: "No we're not!"
Child 2: "Yes we ARE!"
Mother: Bangs head against wall.
December 12, 2013
Conversations with Corben:

He brings me a funnel.

"Mommy, can you get some water and pour it in here and I will put this in my mouth?" (He puts the funnel into his mouth and mimes pouring into it.)

Me: "Oh honey, they'll teach you how to do that properly in University."

A man ahead of his time.
December 9, 2013
More Conversations - between Corben and the bunnies:

"You need to eat your dinner, so you get big and strong."

"And then we're going to eat you! Dun dun duhhh!"

I love this child. He's totally mine.
Friday November 28th 2013
More conversations with Corben:
"Mom, can you come inside for a second?"

"Sure bud, what's up?"

"I want to help you fix something."

"What something?"

"The something I broke."
Monday November 25th, 2013

"I'm not small. Or cute.

I'm BIG! And crazy, and awesome!"

Know thyself. He does.

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