Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be a hard.  When you've been hurt, and all you can feel in your heart is anger and sadness, it can be an epic feat to push those feelings aside and find room for anything else.  However, getting through the day, even just one day, with those feelings occupying your heart is almost a harder feat than pushing them aside.  (In my opinion anyway.)  I don't have room in my heart, or in my life, for those feelings.  I've never made room for them in my life, and I won't start.  So we forgive, and we carry on, lighter in the knowing that our body and heart are once again a loving and wonderful place to be.  Forgiveness is not necessarily something that you do for another person.  You must do it for you, otherwise your life, your heart and soul will be the ones that suffer.

Go on, you'll feel better. SO MUCH better.

I do.

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