Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Today, and hopefully for Tuesdays to come, I'm linking up with Rachel at Clean to share a bit of gratitude.  7 things that make me grateful.  Because like Rachel says,

"Taking just a moment to appreciate what we have can change everything."

This week I am grateful for:

-My husband, who works so hard for this family, on his days at work, and on his days off too.
-This beautful autumn weather, the sun makes me smile.
-My daily walks with my dear friend Kelly.  We just started them again, and they do me (and her!) so much good!
-I am grateful that we live in a community surrounded by amazing people, amazing women especially.  They inspire.
-That we have the opportunity to raise our own meat in our own backyard.
-The bounty that our garden keeps giving us.
-And of course, my new Greenhouse!

Peace, my friends!


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