Thursday, November 21, 2013

Country Days

Well hello there, long time no see.

What a crazy few weeks it has been.  Oh look, its actually been a whole MONTH since I've been here.  For shame!

Between getting ready for holiday craft shows and all the other insanity, there hasn't been a moment to spare.

But there are Things!  Happening!  To be true.

We have 6 baby bunnies, alive and well, that will soon be bouncing around their enclosure.  A far cry from the last tragedy involving bunnies. They are fat, and happy, and they made ME so happy.

We've been busily preparing for winter as well.  Gardens to put to bed, garlic to plant, windows to seal up.  Oh, and a bunny hutch to build! It's main purpose is actually to be a greenhouse for the spring, at which point we will kick the bunnies back out to the great outdoors. 

We also currently have a deer hanging in our backyard.  Yes, a deer.  It jumped out of the bushes onto the road the other day, as deer are want to do round these parts, and lo and behold if Steve's car wasn't in it's way.  The OPP had to come and put it down, as it was severly injured, but luckily we got to keep it.  Luckily as well I had the experience of helping butcher a deer last week.  And now I get to do one all on my own.  Oh the things I have learned here in the valley!  Between the deer, and the side of pork that we have arriving this week, and the rabbits that need to be processed, imma gonna need a bigger freezer!

And we wait for snow, and deck the halls, and eat ALL THE MEAT.  And carry on carrying on, in this lovely spot that we call home.

I guess that's all I really popped in to say - life is good, my friends, life is good!

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