Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Steve has been away for nearly 2 weeks now. There is very little that I enjoy about him being away, but there is one tiny pleasure that I look forward to. 

Night time snuggles with my boys. 

When he's away, we do random nights where the boys get to sleep all night in the "big bed." We co-slept with both boys, and it's nice to have them in our luxurious large bed to snuggle with again. 

Corben in particular is just lovely to cuddle up with. (Nothing against G, but he's all long and gangly limbs, plus he grinds the hell out of his teeth.) Corbie curls up into a ball and likes to snuggle up in the crook of my arm. His arms tangle with mine, and he finds my hand to hold. His legs get wrapped up in mine too. We are tangled up together, like we used to be in the days when he grew inside me, boy and his Mama. 

I know these days are fleeting. My boys won't always want to curl up with me in the night. So while they do, I'll hold them tight; the tops of their heads wil be the last thing I kiss goodnight in the evening, and the first thing I kiss good morning in the light of dawn. And I'll curl up with them, tangled up in sweet dreams of the same time, looking forward to having the man that brought these precious gifts to me back in his rightful spot! 

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  1. Love this Jenn!! The only way to get our Elliot to nap these days is to take one with him in the "big bed" and while this is a bit frustrating and only serves to exacerbate my night-owl tendencies it is also so deliciously sweet. For some reason, snuggling down in the blankets (even after I've had to be rather firm about getting him there because he desperately needs it!) is when he he brings his face right up close to mine and tells me that he loves me. The other day he surprised me by giving me "100 kisses" all over my face (and I think he was pretty accurate!) which made me wiggle and giggle and it was so sweet and adorable and precious. One of those moments you wouldn't trade for anything!