Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Growing up Brothers

My kids are dressed up as the Kratt brothers.  Griffin with his backpack, and Corbie with a little bag that used to hold binoculars.  Griffin has packed his bag with play dishes, food, (real) binoculars, and hot chocolate.  Corben packed his bag too, with one thing - pizza.

These are my children, in a nutshell.

Griffin? Prepared for any eventuality.

Corben?  Mostly just hungry.

They are headed to the North Pole, to look for Polar Bears. 

My children recently have begun to play with each other, instead of just being a pain in the ass to each other.  (Griffin being very sensitive, and Corben being an impish little monkey, who likes to push Griffin's buttons, and knows exactly where they are.)

But they're having fun together, and hanging out together. (Corben has maybe, just maybe, stopped destroying everything in his path?)

It's so lovely to see.

And even as I type this, it's decending into a right before bedtime disaster.  But usually it would have gone here an hour ago.

Now tears, gotta go.

But you get the picture...this is nice!

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