Thursday, November 8, 2012


I was late for work today, but I really wanted to stop and see the water.  So I did it anyway.  Got out of the car.  Took a picture, and a few very deep breaths of lake fresh air.  And then got back in my car and proceeded to rock the day.


"Hey Jansen," you might be saying, "whassup with the short little posts with pictures."  Well, reader, I'm glad you asked.  I'm hanging out with the Habit ladies this month.  And by hanging out, I mean creeping their sites and doing what they do. 

From Habit: Habit is a place to capture and celebrate the bits of our daily lives. it is our intention to make this capturing and celebration a habit, so we will be here regularly.  We'll be inviting friends to join us here. and in some small way, we are hoping to capture the collective life of a community of women who are artists and writers, photographers and bloggers, mothers and sisters and daughters and granddaughters, and thinkers and seers and wonderers. We believe that there will be something extraordinary about holding these pieces of life together in one place.

I really wanted to do NaBloPoMo this month, but just couldn't commit.  So this is a medium ground.  Posting every day, just a little bit, and with a photo if I can.  

Goals.  I has them.

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