Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm back.

Hello long lost friends.

(Or was it me that was long lost?  Whatever.  Details.)

The Christmas shopping/soaping rush is over, with my last show being this morning.  Let the official relaxing commence!

We rung in the Solstice last night with some fantastic folks, a snow storm, a big-assed bonfire (despite the snow storm and crazy winds) and some most excellent food, including a large venison roast cooked on the bonfire.

Some brave people braved the crazy weather.  It was windy, and cold, and snowy, and yet we hung out by the fire all. night.

It was awesome, full stop.

I don't have enough words to describe how in love with life I am at this moment.  (Yes, we're back to me gushing about how wonderful things are, I hope you've missed it.)

Every single day I'm amazed at the amount of awesome that is hanging out all in one place here. 

(Sidebar: The last month wasn't totally filled with awesome.  There has been some rotating illness, including "the ITCH" which plagued me for nearly three weeks.  Going gluten and alcohol free, and doing a liver detox has mostly resolved said itch...however it's a shitty time of year to do both those things.  However, realizing that the only person who can take charge of what goes in my body is ME, its time to make some changes.  I've been told that a Paleo diet would make me feel the best I've ever felt, so I'm considering it.)

There are some exciting things afoot for this coming year, and I am looking forward to having some time to think about them all.  Sitting still, drinking tea before it goes cold in the cup, reading books, watching movies, knitting, hanging out with my most favourite people in the world, in the best place I've ever know.  Those are my plans for the next two weeks.  

Hope you are all safe and warm, and doing very much of the same things.

Happy Holidays from all of us!

Hardcore Valley Peeps, and a few folks "from away" brave the snowstorm. 

Chestnuts Venison roasting on an open fire.
So much in love with this family photo!

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