Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Sunday

Today has been fully awesome.

First off, I woke up after 8am, and didn’t get up until 9:15.  Any day that starts with me staying in bed until 9:15, intentionally, is bound to be awesome.

I had tea, Steve made breakfast, the children played happily.  Midmorning, Corbie and I bundled up and went for a wander down the road to a friends house to go hunting for skates for Corbie, in their too-small-skates collection.  Corbie decided we were going to stay for a bit (seriously, he had his gear off before I even said hello) and a lovely chat over coffee ensued.  

After we wandered home and had some lunch, we bundled up again and headed over to the neighbours pond with our skates.  Freshly cleared ice and a perfectly sunny day led to a delight of an afternoon full of skating and walking in the snow, sledding down the hill, and sitting in Adirondack chairs and soaking it all in.

Now we’re home.  Griffin is building lego with a friend.  Corben is crashed out to the extreme on my lap.  Steve is surfing his geek sites, and I am blogging.  The world is a happy place.

There is Roadkill Stew in the crockpot for dinner (how the roadkill ended up in my freezer is a story for another day, but it’s not like it’s a racoon or anything, its some fine venison) and a roaring (propane) fire at my feet.  There will be one more walk before the day is done, maybe a small gathering to put together a seed order for our spring gardens (which we have been dreaming about with vigor.)  The day will end with me crawling into bed with my love, and watching an episode or two of the tv show of the month (we work our way though seasons of stuff online, which allows us to watch the stuff that’s good, all while keeping our house without a tv in it.) 

I am a lucky lady, and I am grateful for it all.  I feel like I’ve been given an incredible gift with this little life I’ve landed in, and I’m trying my best to take good care of it. My family, our home, this community, it’s all pretty special, and I look forward to seeing what each new day, week, season, year will bring.

Here's to Sundays, and all the other days too.

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