Friday, February 1, 2013


My friends, the weather these days has been downright insane.  Last week it was -30 degrees.  Yesterday it was +12.  Tuesday night, the Noisy River had a crazy little flash flood, depositing large chunks of ice all over it's banks, and taking out a bridge railing or three.  Then there was freezing rain, and then snow squalls, just to keep it interesting.

We've been under some sort of weather warning (or watch or "statement") pretty much consistently for the past 10 days.  Wind warnings, snow squall warnings, rainfall warnings, freezing rain warnings, thunderstorms, you name it, we've see it.

We're going with it.  I know it's effed up, and I know the planet is in serious serious doo-doo, but for this year we're rolling with it (versus the other option, which is bitching and complaining about it, and STILL having to deal with it.)   The warm is giving us a respite from the effing cold.  We've discovered that our house is pretty fricking poorly insulated, and that it needs some serious work in that area.  We kind of thought that going in, but you always hope for it to turn out better than you think it is.

It hasn't this time.

So we're cold, but we're dealing with it.  Because, thanks to Mother Nature and her menopause symptoms, mixed in with all this minus thirty degrees crap, there have been days of plus twelve -with rainboots, and splashing in the mud, and thoughts about spring, which are often what are needed to get though a dark rainy January day.

And when it's effing cold, sometimes the only way to keep warm is strap on your skates, and hit the pond for hours upon hours of skating, capped off with a bit of hot chocolate.  That's not such a bad way to end the day either.

I'm tired of listening to people complain.  I'm tired about hearing from people that are not greatful for the majority of the moments that they spend on this earth.  Because there are people out there who are sufferring....truly truly suffering, and for the most part, we, in this country, are not.  And me?  I am really not either.  Sure I'm cold, but put on another sweater and shut up about it already.  At least I HAVE sweaters to put on, not to mention a roof over my head, and a fireplace that (poorly) heats my home.

Perspective, that's what it's all about these days. 

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