Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finding warmth

Warmth is a funny thing.

Warmth can be found in the obvious places - a hot cup of tea, a roaring fire, a hot water bottle, a warm bath.  The list goes on.

But sometimes warmth is found in unexpected places. (That shouldnt be so unexpected [and after a while aren't] if you really think about it.)

Warmth can be found when it is minus 30 degrees outside...on a vigourous (uphill, both ways) walk with a friend.

Warmth can be found on the windiest night that you can remember....around the fire with friends.

Warmth can be found inside a cold house....gathered around a kitchen table...with girlfriends and red wine to keep you warm.

Warmth can be found in a husband-less bed (who has left you alone with the children for a week...but has gone to Winnipeg, so at least you know he's not warm either!) with two children who have been doing nothing but driving you mental all day; with the wanting and the needing and the feed-me-more-food-ing that has been going on All. Day. Long.  Warmth can be found when they snuggle in beside you ascloseastheycanpossiblyget with out ACTUALLY lying on top of you (which, some nights, they also do) and you remember why you wanted these beings, and why you had these beings, and why they are the most important thing in your lives and the reason you do all this.

Warmth comes from the outside. But it can also come from the inside.

Radiating out.

Warmth can come from a smile, a wave, a glance.  A hug, an embrace, an elbow in the gut from a three year old. The funniest places.

Its the funniest things that can keep you warm.

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