Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jumping for Autism

Friends - we need your help!

We're trying to win a trampoline for our sweet G.  Trampolines are great therapy for kids on the spectrum, not to mention great excercise - here's a little explanation as to why:

Trampolines feel good to children with sensory-imbalanced systems because they can provide excellent proprioceptive (awareness of one’s body positions) input and vestibular (how the body responds to movement through space) motion feedback. Kids with atypical sensory development lack the body’s ability to organize the senses [and] interconnection and interplay of all those senses is crucial to a feeling of well-being in a child. Jumping and balancing on a trampoline can help physically and sensory integrate the body’s different systems.  

Aneesa Usman, occupational therapist and clinic manager at Healthsouth Braintree Pediatric Center in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

A $1200 trampoline is not in our budget, but winning one is certainly in our wheelhouse!

I'm asking for your help...I don't do this often, so you've got to know that this is important to me!

Voting takes place through a Facebook App via Springfree Trampolines - these are the best and the safest tramplolines out there, and we'd love to have on in our backyard!

Here is the link to vote - I'd be forever grateful if you'd take a second!

G's picture should pop right up, but just in case it doesn't, you're looking for a picture of my Superhero, in a blue cape and a blue crown - the same picture that's at the end of this post.


  1. Done! For other voters: you have to like the Springfree Trampoline page first, then you'll have access to vote (fill out your info and select a winner at bottom of page). Good luck to you and G!

  2. Done! I've sent it along to a couple others to have them vote as well! :)