Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Things are looking up.

So things have been ticking along here, mostly tickety boo these days.  We still have our moments of extremes, but as a whole, things have seemed to be taken a swing for the upside.

(It's always terrifying writing that, like you're going to jinx the whole thing, and it'll go back to Madhouse City tomorrow morning at 8am.)

A few weeks ago, we finally got connected through our Family Doctor, as well as through another local organization called New Paths. We've been seeing a family therapist, as well as been "evaluated for services" by New Path (same thing basically - family counseling but with more of a long term focus.) And around the same time (funny, I have discovered the power of the squeaky wheel!) Griffin was also officially seen by the OT at the school and evaluated.

It's been a crazy month and a half!

We met with the OT today for the first time, after talking to her on the phone a number of times. She's lovely, and inspires a lot of confidence.

Griffin is on the top end of the chart for Sensory Processing  - all the lights, sounds, smells come at him, and he is unable to filter out the "unwanteds" from the "importants," and he's just constantly barraged with sensory input. He also has some fine motor issues, which though they aren't really a problem for him now, they could become an issue by the time he heads into Grade 3 (in one more year from now.) The good news is that also seems to have already developed a number of coping mechanisms on his own, and he's dealing really well with it.

He also seems to have some anxiety issues - he wrestles over decisions big or small, until he is paralyzed with fear - the fear of making the wrong decision. He has a lot of social anxiety too, but as always, he'll talk your ear off if you'll listen to him, especially the adults who take the time to hear his stories.

And his teachers just adore him!  He's wonderful at school, does his work, does what he's asked to do with no avoidance issues or fights.

We're meeting with the OT here at the house in a few weeks, and she is going to set us up with a program to do over the summer, which will be excellent. Griffin and I just had a long chat, and we're going to re-arrange his room on the weekend, make him a little reading corner, move his bed so he can get more fresh air, more light over his Lego table, and so on. The key over the summer is going to be routine, and finding coping mechanisms for when he IS overloaded and just needs to decompress.

We also meet (finally!) with the Developmental Pediatrician in a few weeks, who is the one who will give us a diagnosis, if there is one to be given.  I'm leaning further away from an Aspergers Diagnosis (in my professional, motherly opinion) and now thinking that we're dealing with a Sensory Processing Disorder, combined with some anxiety issues. But whatever - we're getting help now, and that's all that matters.

We ALSO concluded after Griffin's TWO emergency root canals, that maybe he had been suffering from some serious festering tooth pain...something that may have made him cranky and miserable and on edge for the past few weeks. Duh. Things have defenetly gotten better since the tooth repair. 

Coincidence?  There are none.

So that's where things are at.  They're better.  Way better.  I'm not bursting into tears on a regular basis anymore, and neither is he.  There are less fights, less battles.  There is still bickering and fighting and the occasional swing at someone, but on the whole, things are looking up.

Which is a good thing!

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  1. So I am WAY behind on my reading! Sensory processing is HUGE and once he starts getting help with it you will see a different kid...I promise! Glad you are getting the help that you all need. I am sending my love and support from Texas!