Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Holidays!

T'was the night before Christmas.
Breakfast on Christmas morn. We had to wait until about 10am till Grandma and Grandpa arrived to open presents, but the kids were SO GREAT.
We spent a good part of the morning watching the deer wander in the park next door.

Fresh from the groomer, our Prince.
All smiles.
"It's just what I've always wanted!"  (The only thing Corbs wanted from Santa was a Hot Wheels Track.)

A gift for my Mom.  (There is a lovely woman named Dot, with a company called the Busted Button who makes these art pieces, but it sadly wasn't in the budget this year, so we went ahead and made our own - I'm very happy with how they turned out!)
Playing with lego next to the heater.

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