Friday, January 3, 2014

Oh Snap

We're in the middle of a "cold snap" right now. 

(Why "snap?"  I don't know.  We need to "snap" the heck out of it, pronto.)


The temperature is minus holymothertruckingcold outside right now, which is about 5 degrees warmer than it was this morning.  We're pretty sure the temperatures dipped down into the minus 30's (celsius) last night. If the number of layers I needed to wear to bed is any indication, it was extreme cold.

It has come to our attention that our house is woefully inadequately insulated.  WOEFULLY.  WHOA-FULLY INADEQUATE.

And when its holymothertruckingcold outside?  Well then it only slightly less than holymothertruckingcold inside too.

Our poor little propane fireplaces have been running non-stop for three days, and not once have we actually got up to the temperature that the thermostat is set to (a paltry 67 F...I am aiming low...and still not getting there.)  The propane bill this month is going to make me weep frozen tears of sadness into my cup of tea, oh yes it will.

But we soldier on.  Blankets.  Hot chocolate (with Baileys, of course.)  Toques in the house.  Hot water bottles in the bed.  Tonight I kicked Corben out of his room to the trundle bed in G's room, so Steve and I can sleep in his bed (on the upper floor, where the little heat that there is rises to) because I'm tired of seeing my gawd damn breath as I lay in bed.

I always said I wanted to live like a pioneer.

Be careful what you wish for internets, be oh so very careful! ;)

Stay toasty, my friends!  Send warm thoughts!


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