Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I came home from work early on Friday afternoon, after a bit of a week from hell.  Or a week in the circus, more like it. 

Complete with monkeys, of a sort.

Steve was working on the steps to the cabin, which my Mom was about to move into for two nights, in about 3 hours from then.

And I walked in the door, and hugged my children, and then the rest of the weekend just sort of fell into place from there, like going with the flow of a nice lazy river...(complete with rose coloured sund glasses...) 

There was the market, and some quiet time for Mommy (laundy at the laundromat, hey, I'll takes what I can gets) while Oma watched the kids.

There was a concert across the street, in the maple panneled community hall that is the main attraction out our front window.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but we both knew in the moment of it that it was going to be the three day highlight, even though it was only Saturday night of a long weekend.  The music was spectacular -jumping and jiving, waltzing and polka-ing like only a band called Tuxedo should do. 

The fact that it culminated with everyone on the front porch of the hall, watching "fireworks" and singing?  Just took it over the top that extra notch.

And then walking home, across the street, when it was all done?

Awwww yeaaaah.

Sunday saw the arrival of the posse - my best girls, and their families in tow. 7 kids, 8 adults, all responsible and cabeable of handing half, if not all of them on their own.  So we just took turns.  Thank you village, for raising my children.

Chill in the shade for the afternoon.  Cook dinner.  Feed the masses.  Spark up the campfire.  Feed the masses again.  (Marshmallows this time.) Pile the lot in the car, and take them to fireworks.  Put them to bed.  Start up fire again. Few more drinks, and to bed. 

Everyone still alive?  Everyone still accounted for?  We didn't lose the baby?

Good.  Carry on.

Today saw the departure of the remaining company, the start of this blog post with my laptop on the porch, while the small people napped. An afternoon swim and bbq at the "neighbourhood swimming hole." And then some more fireworks, with some pretty special peeps.

A full weekend, to be sure.

And in all those moments, on all of those days, we constantly thought "Wow, this is really special."

And it's been 5 weeks of hard work.  Heck are we tired.  We're all sleeping like logs, it's genius. 

And we're all drinking lots of water, and eating really good food, and spending lots and lots of time outside.  Porch, river, backyard, park, pond, and so on.

And it's kind of awesome to be this busy, and still have the energy to do it all, but then to take the time to do just the opposite as well.  There are equal moments in work, as there are as in play.  Balance.  Hmm, maybe that's what it's all about, isn't it? 

We've been 7 years trying to find our groove, get it on, so to speak (our groove, that is.)  And we never really got into it.  But maybe we're finally on our way. 

Someone said to me the other night at the concert the other night that struck me.  She said "for all the things I am grateful for, I am most grateful for where I live."  She's right - the community that we live in, in the geography within which is lies, in this province, in this country, it's all pretty effing amazing. 

***  ***  ***  *** 
So, just to recap, here's what we've learned so far:  Balance is key. Water is good for you, and so is sleep, and so is good food and sunshine.  There is goodness in everyone, and good people are everywhere.  My home rocks.

And a few more things that we can talk about later.

Hope everyone had a blissful weekend!


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