Monday, July 30, 2012

Ah, Monday

Monday.  Unlike the rest of the planet, I LOVE me some Monday.

Monday is MY day.  Me, me, me all me. 

Every other Monday I send my kids to spend the day with a lovely little grannie down the street, and I get down to business on making our lives a better place.

I clean, do laundry, often make soap, do errands, sometimes see a girlfriend for coffee.  Yes, I could do this stuff while the kids are here, but it gets done oh so much faster, and I accomplish oh so much more when they are off having their own fun, instead of me getting angry at them for tramping on my clean kitchen floor or making a mess of (fill in the blank) while I clean around them. 

They have fun, I make magic in our home, everybody wins. 

And I do it (mostly) guilt free.  Some days I feel bad that I need someone else to do half of my job (caring for the children) while I do the other half of it. 

But when they come home on Monday nights to a Mama who has spent some time taking care of the home, AND taking care of herself (OH so important!) and everyone is happy, then I know it was worth while.

So I'm off to make Monday magic - hope you enjoy your day!

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  1. I love Mondays! Not because I get wonderful me time to get things accomplished...just because I like them. The week is new with plenty of possibility! I hope you enjoyed your Monday! :)