Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family Photos

A few weeks ago I met my friend Terri-Ann at the park with my three boys, along with her husband a and 4 children, for an exchange of family photos.  Both Terr-Ann and I are pretty handy with our cameras, so we thought what better way to capture some family photos.  Below are the results, and I'm thrilled!

One of the first shots, where everyone actually stood STILL.
Corben has had it after 3 minutes.  He's off.
The toddler sumo hold.  "You will stay here for this photo!"
One of my favourites, with rounded corners.  (I'm in love with rounded corners these days, I think it's the hippie in me.)

"Here, sit on Daddy's shoulders."  "No, I want to go over to Mama's shoulders."  Hilarity ensues.
Not sure what was happening here, but it's hilarious!
And then it went bad...
And then we lost Corben to the playground.  Alone, as the only child in the photos, Griffin decides to ramp it up a notch.
Photo bombed by a 6 year old.
How do we get rid of this crazy child? Hey...what's over THERE?
Humph...that worked well. Not.
And then we finally distracted him with juice, and got this gem:
We decided to try and move over to where Corben REALLY wanted to be, and get a few more shots.
OK, nevermind!

We had so much fun that I think we'll do this again next year.  Thanks Terri-Ann!!

(Back in the limelight, and ready to perform some more! Jump, monkey, jump!) 


  1. These pictures are beautiful! I love the setting and the expression on the boy's faces. Perfect! :)

  2. Every single one of these is fabulous!