Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Place

As the world sits rivited to their tv's and their twitter accounts (guilty!) watching a massive hurricane barrel down on the East Coast of the US, we sit here comfy in "this place."

This place?  Is magical.  You won't believe it until you see it in person, but it really truly is. 

We are "protected."  By the nature of the land (a valley) and by the goodness of the people that inhabit the land.

The Bank of Karma is not being hard hit by economic times.

That's not to say that crappy shit doesn't happen here, because it does.  But people work hard here for what they have.

We might be a little bit colder than you right now. (Most houses 'round here are heated by wood, which doesn't exactly run on a thermostat while you're gone for the day.  Or keep itself all stoked up and cozy while you sleep at night.) And we might not have as many other "creature comforts."  We're simple folk, and we like it that way, thankyouverymuch.

But we are out of the wind.  Out of the storm a little bit.  The literal and the the metaphorical storm. (Holy eff...on nights like these, I think of the wind up On the Roof.  Do you remember the wind on the Roof?  Hint: if you search the old blog for "wind," you come up with EIGHT PAGES of results!!  EIGHT.  Take that, Frankenstorm.)

You know what it is?  (I figured this out the other night, when, due to some serious back pain, I MIGHT have chased a bunch of Robaxacet with a bunch of Creemore Lager.  MIGHT, I said.  *ahem*)

Anywho...where were we?  Right, this place.

You know what it is about this place?  What it is that makes it magical?

It's that this place makes you beleive that anything is possible.  Or...that Anything Is Possible.

Yup, that's right.  True story.  Anything IS Possible.

All those dreams, those crazy ideas?

Here is a place to make it happen.

This place.



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