Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend of Bliss

We have this "event" here in the Valley called the Crawl.  It's EXACTLY what it sounds like...we travel from house to house to house, having a drink (or three) at each house, and then crawl home... eventually.

It. Was. Awesome.

We actually were one of the host houses, which necessitated one key factor - getting rid of the kids for the weekend. So off they went to be spoiled beyond beleif at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  They had a blast!

And we took advantage of every. single. kidfree moment that we had. 

After a Friday night of copious amounts of drinking and dancing, we enjoyed a sleep in of EPIC proportions.  It was all kinds of heaven.  We then decided to take the pup for a walk, and low and behold if our friends were starting to gather again, for a hangover-curing deep fry fest in a neighbors driveway.  Their stop the night before included an English Pub theme (yes, each house has a theme) and they busted out one of those "driveway deepfryers" for some pub-style fish and chips.  Saturday morning we polished off the leftovers, and then some, after the fryer running for three solid hours!  It was the best cure for a hangover ever!

We hung out with our friends all day, never once having to worry about what sorts of shenanagins the kids were getting into.  I love them to death, but a curious three year old and a 6 year old with ASD doesn't make for a lot of restful moments.  The kids came home yesterday afternoon, showered me with homemade gifts for Mother's Day, and then back to hang with friends and watch the hockey game. 

It was restful, rejuvinating, and exactly what Steve and I both needed.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for taking the kids.  Thank you Steve for hanging out with me all weekend.  And thank you Valley for being as awesome as you are...which is truly, remarkably, beyond everything I ever could have imagined. 

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