Monday, September 17, 2012

My Birthday (Was Awesome.)

My Birthday was Awesome.

There were ninjas.
Friends from far off places, with their children swinging in trees.
There were presents.  (The bounty, AND the bowl.) (Squee!)
Um.  There were sunsets, the likes of which were not captured nearly well enough in this photo.
There was this kid.  "Who, me?"
There was this hot guy, and his mad bbq skillz.
There was chocolate cake (but it was mostly made of zucchini, so it was pretty much like a health food cake.  Which means I can eat lots of it. DID eat a lot of it.
And there were books in sweaters on porches, and there was a spectacular dinner, with pretty great friends.  There was a dinner guest that had to leave early...a much anticipated baby was soon to arrive, and she was on the docket to be Midwife in Charge to deliver said baby!  The the next morning, a wee baby was born.  Isla is a special little gift to this village, and we all can't wait to meet her!

As far as birthdays go, this one was up there, up there on the Spectacular Scale.   A new year, indeed.

Cheers to 37.


  1. You! Are seriously grateful and super cheerful Jenn! Magnetic really!

    1. I miss you, GHOB! Can't wait to see you this week!