Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some words

Do you ever sit down at the computer and wonder what the hell you're going to write about?

Me too.

However, I also sit down sometimes, and wonder WHERE to start, there is SO much.

Like today.

So I think I'll just start, and see where this goes, m'kay?


Fall is upon us, that's to be sure.  And with it comes warmer sweaters, and fireplaces on, and more cups of tea, and soup...lots of soup! I love this season, I love the snuggles and the cuddles that it brings, the cozy warmness and extra blankets.  The hearty meals, and the knowledge that these halcyon days of fall will soon turn too chilly to walk outdoors with out hats and mittens, are keeping us holding onto every moment of every day in the sunshine. 

Before we moved here, we used to come for a drive up here in the fall, because the colours were always so beautiful.  The road into the valley is a twisty, turny, tree covered decent that follows the winding river down, down, down into this little paradise that we now call home.  And that road, full of beauty and splendor?  I get to drive it every freaking day if I want to.  How awesome is that? 


I've often been reluctant to talk about Griffin and the "issues" we've had with him here, for fear that he may someday come here to read it all, and feel somehow that we love him less for all his differences.  However, as I know this is not actually the case, in fact, we may love him MORE for all his differences, and we're conscious to tell him that all the time.  For me, it's also important to discover the words to talk about all this - for instance, I don't feel that "differences" is necessarily the right word.  Neither is "issues." I started to type difficulties...there are certainly those too, but they are not all that this syndrome is about.  Sometimes though, in the heat of the moment, they are certainly the things that stand out.  I'll find the words, it might just take time.

However, it sure has been nice to put a title to this all.  I was fearful of giving Griffin a label, but there are SO MANY other parents out there who are dealing with the same thing that we are, and now with a simple google search, I can connect with them, and go 'OMG, your kid is EXACTLY like mine" and know that we're not alone in all this.  And that?  Is huge.


Babies are SO tiny. You forget, after yours grow up, and out, and start eating solid foods, wiping their own bums, start talking back, start setting the table.  You forget that they were once that small.  I mean, you remember, but until you hold a newborn in your arms again, it's hard to fathom that something that tiny and that perfect could grow inside and come out of a PERSON.

It's been SO nice to have a teeny tiny baby in the 'hood!


This kid?  Is crazy.  But we have been having SO MUCH FUN hanging out together.

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