Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Month Of Happy: Friday August 3rd

It's amazing how many things you notice that make you smile, when you're actually on the lookout for's easy to see how seeking out joy and gratitude can turn a day or a life around.

There were so many wonderful things about today.  A half day of work only, followed by a staff party complete with an ICE CREAM TRUCK for dessert.  Some days I complain about my job, but I sure would stop that pretty quick if an ice cream truck came by every day.  Just sayin'. 

Then on a "find the happy" whim on the way home (at 1pm!), I made a spontaneous u turn to check out a little pub that we keep hearing wonderful things about but have yet to find the time to go.  So today, we went.  Sat on the patio, had a beer, and more food (that I so didn't need.) But all terribly happy-making.

Home to can 7 quarts of peaches that are going to taste SO good in the dead of winter.  A night of porch time and campfires.  All in all, a pretty perfect day.

I'm excited to hear that there are a few others joining in in this Month of Happy!  No worries in joining late, we're just getting started!

Have a beauty of a day - enjoy finding your own happy.


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  1. I should totally learn to can...peaches in January sounds yummy!