Monday, August 6, 2012

Today in the Month of Happy

I have a camera full of photos, and a heart full of love for this past weekend.  And a heart full of happy.

It's amazing how good the universe it getting at smacking me in the face when I get in a little bit of a funk.

"Hey you, why so glum?  Life is pretty wicked awesome!" *smack!"

We spent Saturday and Sunday at a family reunion, that was, as it always is, a heck of a party, despite getting thoroughly rained on for the first time in 12 years.

Yesterday afternoon when we got back, we rounded out the day with a quiet night of movies.

It was today though that really made me happy.  A friend dropped by with her kids around 10am this morning, and they only left about an hour ago.  A pop by morphed into a coffee, and then lunch, and then a trip down the road to another neighbour's pool.  Then into coctails, dinner, and finally a campfire.

That's my kind of day - something that flows so effortlessly from one part to another to another, that you hardly even realize it's happening.  Everyone is happy, (hardly) no one is complaining, and the day just comes together the way popcorn comes together with it was just meant to be that way. (I know, my comparisons aren't exactly potetic, but I did also spend the whole damn day in the sunshine, so forgive me if I'm a bit fried!) 

I love this place, and the people here, and my new home.  And I love when I get in a funk about (any) of it, this place has a way of standing up and reminding you about just how incredible it is.

You know what else is particularly incredible these days?  My kids.  Griffin has really found himself in the past two months here, and I can only hope that the next year, September especially, gives him the courage and the confidence to really find himself a spot in this community.

Corben is holy effing cute, and does he ever know it.  Smart, this one, and sassy.  Or Salty, as my brother has christened him, Salty Dog.  Suits him to a tee.  He's growing so quickly, and has full conversations with me now for pity sakes.  This one, he's one to keep an eye on for sure.  He's going places...and likely when you've got your back turned!

There are changes in the air again, and not just the weather (which has taken a characteristically autumnal turn since the calendar turned to August.) But looking for and crediting the things that make me happy has really turned my eyes to the little things that really do keep us sane, when all the other big things get overwhelming.  (At the same time, respect for the big things can keep you sane too!)

All in all, it's Happymaking, to be sure.

Hope you all found the joy this past weekend!

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  1. I wish it would switch to autumn here right now... :)

    I love your happy things! Your posts make me smile!